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tv   European Journal  PBS  April 5, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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i will look into your kingdom will continue from dw steve pearce and brussels it's take it to be with us here's a look at what's coming up and today so they not like the city's oldest bank in siena is facing collapse. set out to tony dixon investors transforming a swiss minutes. and kicked it out twice back to street musicians have to be on god the test of its elite one today kosky is the oldest bank in the wild. it was founded in siena and it's only some five hundred years ago and was a cornerstone of
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the town's conspiracy and fourteen percent rates. but then it's mine and joe's got involved in risky speculation and now the bank has to be better about with taxpayers' money. save your level one that i must'veelt whe ding theinanalris entirentesnurnly face insolveny because that ban have col. just what's happening in the city of siena. sienna seems peaceful and in order when viewed from the one hundred meter bell tower that rises high above the city and yet said campbell once cnn had many tellers. the one was how much familyemonstrated to nowhere. in fourteen nineteen after a political quarrel this sunday the family was expelled from the city. so wasonfiscated and the deceit of the first bank in the world. porsche five hundred years. the multi day pass key bank contributed to stand as the ones that ended
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in twenty twelve when the bank will lend itself with inexpensive merger and risky financial derivatives the bank's president to resign. the prosecutor is investigating the bank's practices. several former managers are under house arrest. mr was not the trio will unfortunately be with the site is one of europe's biggest financial speculation as to the tune of twenty billion euros the means to attain coordinating committee of the duel. now that money is gone. and we're sitting on a huge mountain of debt topped all saints in the mean looking to source issues millie the city of siena is not only hard. it is compulsory. the main conclusion. a painful blow for once rich cnn. through the foundation of the city was the bank's biggest shareholder. hefty dividends provided plenty of money. and when he confronted an
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optimistic estimate was easy to walk across in the opposite of combo to ask the bank foundation for money now when you cough when he was only sports coming in are lots of it and fast with the food chain. bt no one had to think about additional revenues for the city or about reducing outlays in soc haven't ever had to learn to budget and would go lucky kid to get even better though the blogger and co author tough lady asking if he calls the alliance between politics and the bank. this system in the shadow of the bill teller always ruled the city he says. in accordance with principles all too typical for italy as a whole. on tuesday and i are getting cocky. everyone exhorted each other and schemes to get the bank's money. liz is in full form the new appointed making enemies. especially within the democratic party would govern here for generations to talk about people and likes to present itself as a moral authority in italy or to simply warn
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you when you only get the score liquor store and pick one up. ask any salon has repeatedly accused politicians and bankers of mis management of the woods he says they are to blame for the city's huge debt cornice or the charity ride the four that's what all the money from the bank foundations he says he would have had to take taxes and fees from its citizens. all we should buy the initiative we are to live tax free. this is the money was spent prodigious league and now we have to pay off debts with the highest city taxes and all the family got the idea the cns hospital is one of the best and sent to italy and was run with money from the bank now that money is gone. the renowned musical academy faces the same situation. the foundation is no longer sponsor except on the poster. the bank as stop being a patron in siena. and
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it's just a means towards the basketball team has been italian champion eight times now without its banks concert. he may lose its licence. this situation is similar for the football team the bank has cut off funds to. sports fans in the old city and frustrated the new state so i want to listen to the city we call the bank was solid and had no problem spending these amounts and what we've learned a painful lesson. it's been tough. this is disgusted about it. we don't use anything they just want support from the population not the kind where you can definitely be in the stadium when the home team wins. whether it's in football or basketball with human dignity. bread and circuses was a successful strategy for bankers and politicians for a long time as cnn's sports fans know self critically minutes the effects of the bank
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crisis are not over yet banks were shed five thousand jobs and four hundred branch offices throughout italy. and the debt remains to be paid it's almost ready yet the media and the crash and ideally deal you see in the act was gone somewhere that they can't just vanish into thin air. good idea many people in siena want to hold someone responsible and make them pay. even if everyone knows that would make the debt burden disappear. when bulgaria joint the use of music and many were hoping for a fresh stock of the country's political system. but twenty five years after the collapse of communism in europe many bulgarians complain that the country is effectively still drawn by all the docs and former communist party official. when a media outlet that was due to be appointed as head of the domestic secret service last year that triggered a wave of mass protests against
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corruption and the demonstrators have been sharing a great deal of stamina. everyone in sofia knows jessie and her mission each morning before school the sixteen year old demonstrates against the bulgarian government jesse wants to put an end to corruption and nepotism in her homeland of bulgaria the poorest country in the eu. i know. every day starts the same way with hundreds of people shouting resign in front of the parliament building the rear entrance will shielded from the protesters the politicians the rhine and their chauffeured cars politicians only think about how they can line their own pockets they don't think about the people and that angers me. as a citizen i feel it's my duty to protest we demand that this land finally be governed respectively. so we can stay
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in live here. walker riley took off which ava is documenting the ongoing protests. the demonstrations take place early in the morning to allow people to go to work school or university afterwards. i want a fundamental change in bulgaria's political culture i want politics with integrity. and they buy decent honest people. but it began. tom. to achieve it supports the protests however she can. she runs the student television station. she also looks after the demonstrators facebook page showing the world the peaceful nature of the protests which began last summer and i felt more like a science. not to be isolated but that he'll be at
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this aside to get together and these things is to the school's out for the day his technical high school in sofia. jesse attends classes here in hopes to study film and tv production technology someday. then again she's trying to convince her fellow pupils to join the protests but most of them are that interested in politics. yes he's had a long day and or father is waiting for her at home. he's a chef and has afternoons off. her mother is still in work from home. golf is very proud of his daughter shoes and supports or political activism and sometimes even protests with herbs. i've often thought of integrating for her benefit to give her a better future sometimes i provoke are and say okay for you to study abroad where ever you want but each time she indignantly
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refuses. i left bulgaria. i really want education abroad to get to know other cultures i'm staying put. i want things to change here. it's the only way to get in on the wall hangs a photo that made jesse famous across bulgaria. whatever he chose are embracing a policeman demonstrators had attacked him in his nose was bleeding jesse took pity on him you know what i said take care of yourself he told me to do the same listen to it. we're not allowed to ask the police what they make of all this officers from across bulgaria have been brought to the capital. during the day when the protesters are it work. they bide their time all around the government district. so far they've been the government's response to the protests. the prime minister is deputy refused to step down. the government or police working very hard to see the beginning of
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the mandates in northern greece or the normal functioning of institutions because in recent years and we had to have it. i try with ubs you put two weeks of calm normally kill cultural icon the economic crisis has hit the eu sports country especially hard. here one in every three young people is at work. that's why a thirty three year old son leo took part in the anti government protests last summer. but now he feels it's a lost cause it has given up. he has family has decided to leave bulgaria. the decision wasn't easy in a state created alike here. his wife has a university degree. and somewhere that this ninety specialist. he has a steady
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job and is currently working on his second university degree. he prefer to pay taxes to another eu member states. like germany or the uk. you are in the middle of the cookies and a duck looks twelve dollars but in a reasonable political system without that puts the legend of the bulgarian schools system is. we hope to raise the level with the metal tool for four oh four european teams. some women will leave the country. jesse plans to stay she still hopeful that things will change in bulgaria. tomorrow morning she'll be back. demonstrating again. she has for seven months. demonstrating for a better bulgaria snow covered room since refreshing lakes and kenzie tyres to many people the swiss alps and
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allies the picture perfect holiday destination. and this whiskey is a prototype units late in the mall ski resorts in the alps have joined in the race of protecting wealthy tourists and that means based on that building bigger hotels and why the slopes. next attempt i added six new tenants or sinful in pristine areas. i made it to invest the ones to ten this will be lifted and a month into the alps most luxurious resort. but does protect its current events and of religion a valley surrounded by dramatic mountains. strategy and shady one of the kind. and so much the swiss alpine village street from a picture book single house is a magnificent broad church sleepy alleys and simple hotels. i ski area is an insider tip for aficionados of nature loving families
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there's no high tech year no champagne after a skiing nothing she she and many people like that. aye aye aye it's up to me tissues is its home here is that people are very friendly. you know it they as is the service of the pups this is a family skiing area for me she didn't call me foolish than i can imagine that at some point i'll no longer come here so often. that's because the old and a mops will soon be history replaced by resort and that takes luck streak to excess. six talk show tells forty two apartment buildings twenty five villas a conference center and that he likes golf course where swiss soldiers once engaged in target practice switzerland's biggest tourism project is being built. the heart of the resort which ended a five star alpine chalet size ex exco. the interior is global
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chic imported from the far east and tested in singapore for mom. the melody violence and morocco. and now in on the block to the mission on start cooking the restaurant is specialized in asian delicacies in the middle of switzerland. no one claims it's authentic. the on the block is this man's baby something so hideous and egyptian billionaire who made his fortune with mass tourism on the red sea. switzerland is his second mainstay. he bought the grounds that a bargain and is already invested several hundred million euro is on his scale it's a modest project. he didn't get a dose of this when everything is built we will still be very small this is nothing compared to my other destinations. on the market has fifteen hundred residents. it grows to twenty five hundred three
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thousand but still nothing. i mean in one on the ritzy we already have twenty thousand residents and that's not so great either. ok so forth. of course more guests mean the slopes will have to be expanded. you mentioned that i will see its ipo art or to make his sponsors plans appetizing for international journalists. so the idiots wants to merge two ski areas in the fourteen new lifts and lots of snow blowers. there will be something for every taste. i recall. was he good to know what we really need kiera sunny ski slopes simple slopes for families the peace and peace into a medium we need to safari style skiing experience. audi our lives the new resort for the super rich will dazzle vast amounts of water and electricity. see nature conservationists like get cash from ronan torah and that in times of climate change and melting glaciers
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it mainly on the box at the site during the month in town. this little mountain to come stomach the only key to winning is being opened nature will take its revenge the construction boom in the mountain village has many side effects. this nursing home with twenty two residents most of the more than eighty years old has been hit very hard. once its location was ideal ink with a lovely view. but that's over now. the operator of the home once to leave the building as soon as possible the will of god. the slump on postage the blue eyed as i did have a fantastic view you can go to the sound and the direction of gm stock. we use to see the church but no more than all been in the east wing of the mountains but they're going to open in the west sea fear cell phone era buildings and we won't even talk about minorities. ultimately it was
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gone. and yes at first more than ninety percent of the village's residents voted for the project. real estate prices are rising and business people are investing young people are moving and instead of away. so opinion remains divided. i really just us it's great for us if we can make deliveries. there are more jobs. people have a really positive effect on the region weekend. i'm know i'm close to keep this vehicle two goals today. a little today. but otherwise it's good. the findings today in school. hardly anyone in the village dares express doubts and saw me some nice presents. he has the status of a rock star. for even the savior and he hates criticism of his resorts bozo on the muppets t shirt under my guidance. the army is gone and that means fewer and fewer jobs. without this project and ten or twenty years. everyone here would be
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old. without jobs. the young people won't stay in the village will turn into a retirement on is that good of this kind of man is the skit the village doctor and the actual test disagree strongly. he says i'm the mom has always lived well from tourism without some theories and his ugly ostentatious is on the north to normal the two of these neat movie was in town for an average carry us with normal budgets for the pool in a place for schools and groups in it that often or for those free status from northern europe to come and break their bones tune into the city has its own kind of charm. and of course that's been destroyed now will buy this oversized resort built by mr sub units of youth. with noah and the maths lecture a resort competition in the alps begins anew around. there are bigger more magnificent and more expensive and no one knows with theirs on the study of these concepts are still timely and well you
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can turn a profit. to say he is no people in spain have been taking to the streets in protest against the stairs images but the government tensions have been running high tea. why more people are not willing to accept that the cuts in the fields of education and health. but the conservative government has had enough of the mass protests and is introducing a standard that was in spaces in the capital madrid the crackdown is even fix things. she was six the streets of madrid are tough to beat from posters competition is fierce. a the of the new head the musicians four and in spanish on crawling all over each other on the play again soon. times are hard and everyone needs money as well
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he is among the musicians is that you will call to take him on me. light trade. don is a piano teacher that she can buy and which makes getting lessons. their easygoing the time sounds are technically illegal. you don't have the official permits that busters need to perform on retreat streets these days. and to get it they had to audition at madrid's cultural center a scene that didn't really seem to have someone share it with you but enough to play in the streets. the principle that the st school system final. nobody gives you money you're better off staying at home. tina danielle. not much exciting part of the small too and suddenly the ones who don't have a permit are illegal as if they were cute
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pockets and those of us take and stocky with a seven hundred fifty euro fine for doing it the more the stuff that the sympathy with you the chick city hall to the cdc then this is responsible for setting to police on the busters. for two years now. nobody likes of spain's former prime minister please email yes not used in the air the conservatives on the books his popularity ratings have been falling partly because she really misses an opportunity for a guy. even on the issue of boston. most of my great music lover. it's just not the same in a concert hall will be off track. it has been in the streets. street musicians. and there are street musicians. the little button the scheme. i liked
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and which he has policies have yet to reveal any great love of music of any kind leading the o's have been protests against her cuts in the city's arts budgets madrid is deep in debt and house to cut spending. and the arts are almost always the first to feel the pain spontaneous demonstrations are almost daily occurrence in madrid. there'd been thousands since the crisis began. a slow day. now city hall has decided to crack down on the protesters even harder than on the busters with fines of up to six hundred thousand euros for illegal demonstrations in front of parliament for a politician presidency. i did much like its policy on busking. the joker would not cease would meet its new lawn to squelch protests liberal
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spaniards are horrified. this is the most meat products when he judges are very concerned look and look at the beach as we see the government should discuss issues with the people and social conflict situations rather than punish their resistance through laws that apply to the day. one of the initiate is that the mass protests in spain the fifteenth of may movement is claiming. most laws would curtail freedom of speech and the extreme penalties would effectively bypass justice system. i do. they would give police free reign to crush protests. anyway the sea the idea. to be in the big day but it did so then of course many people will be more afraid to take to the streets while others are well aware of what this government's right we do. if the fee and that any field all the more motivated to
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demonstrate that the mackinnon thirty and got out of. busters in our hands and i don't even see the government's heavy handed approach as the danger. he coolly things in this country happy not to be peaceful while. but we may soon be seen him so meanwhile the form of protest on the streets of spain. last month signed a deal to you potato leek and plays on with or without a permit. and apropos wraps up this edition appeared in ten ml from all of us here in brussels thanks very much for what seemed to turn this again next time. until then i'll feed asean and its like now
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eye a's ireland as dealers contemporary ireland lending and business records and culture programs and entertainment i watched lots of tears. i was going to france. read to him. archie unions six pm. i do the site got. it is. she is. me. i
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was. these are for. this time the sun. this site. with the sun. guru. ch. you know and one i am. i didn't. is
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sth. i was taking four for
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it four straight one new weekly hour to go to the big games. i've been incredibly lucky. i feel a sense of possibility. you would have as many perspectives as possible in order to get something new. the racing because it's sexy it's a really upset by the fact is that vaccines can cause brain information. focusing too hard for him to fill the hearts of living learning to be created without the confines of limitations hope we have to transform our world. avoiding creative local angles when people in the world they lived. you know i defeated him and if possible you can connect next up for straying from los angeles. production from cctv about. starting of twelve saturdays at eleven pm
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and makes the world you. lou will will will will . doug thompson and welcome to that extent. the park in the administration has untill big plans to reintroduce the same island on which was a driving force behind korea's economic growth in the nineteen seventies and now it's spreading throughout the world. on today's after ten were joined by d g hart president of the same on globalization foundation


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